T-Parting Tape N/XL/XLL – 25pcs

T-Parting Tape Package

  • T-Parting Tape is used to attach the T-Parting hair piece to the head for covering hair loss or simply to add more volume, thickness or style
  • Available in two sizes, first size is for the N (Normal) size, while the other size is for both XL/XLL (Extra Large/Extra Large Long)
  • T-Parting Tape for all sizes are sold in a 25 piece set
  • No irritation to the hair and scalp
  • This is meant to be used for products belonging to T-Parting, which is apart of our Hair Loss Solution line and we also offer T-Parting Extra Large and Extra Large Long size Clips with Base and T-Parting Normal size Clips with Base
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